Monday, November 27, 2006

the mullaperiyar issue is going from vex to vexed to vexed-est.

i was looking to some articles which can tell the situation as it is and i found one in ramaswamy.r.iyer's article titled "Dammed if they do" at

he hits the nail with the following summary:
All that one can say is that the benefit of the doubt should be given to Kerala. The farmers of TN must remember their “rights” over Periyar waters are not natural or riparian rights; they are rights arising out of an agreement. They are receiving waters because Kerala has been good enough to give them that bounty. The attitude of TN farmers towards Kerala should be one of gratitude, and not one of anger or resentment. Secondly, Kerala government is entitled to exercise abundant caution about the safety of people, property, and wildlife in the state. Safety is paramount. TN’s efforts should be to reassure Kerala and assuage its anxiety, and not to complain about its unreasonableness or accuse it of politicising the issue.


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