Friday, November 17, 2006

india's gdp mongers, developedment oriented official circles, vested industrialists, etc tom-tom about china all the time.

china, no doubt, has made an impressive progress against poverty and i am no china expert in terms of the development (or developedment) it is making.

but i am sure china has a hell lot of environmental disasters going on as a result of indiscriminate policies.

please read thomas friedman article on nov 17, 2006 at

from the article,
"But China can't do what the West did: Grow now, clean up later. The unprecedented pace and scale of its growth are going to make later too late. The China Daily reported this week that at least 24 million acres of cultivated land in China - one-tenth of the country's total arable land - is now polluted, posing a "grave threat" to China's food safety. More than half its rivers are also polluted, which is why less than 9 percent of "drinkable water" met government standards for bacteria in 243 rural supply stations recently tested. Many wells have excessive nitrates that can cause diabetes or kidney damage. No wonder some high-tech workers are starting to avoid China, because they don't want to live in a dirty cloud. "

that's what environmentalists of india are saying about india too. india cannot grow now and clean up later. india cannot grow now displacing tens of thousands of people from their lands and then try to feed them. india cannot grow thro urban methods in cities because it will cause (and has caused) urban disasters in its cities.

india's growth has to be sustainable and environment friendly and people inclusive. only if that happens we will see true development.

india's crucial sectors such as agriculture, land reforms, tribal welfare schemes, rural health iniativies, education for all, rural handicrafts investments, organic farming, etc should not be neglected in the name of cheap manufacturing to target and walmart and other american (and world companies) companies that compete for cheap products.

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