Monday, November 13, 2006

one common question that is asked by the powers-that-be, economists, GDP mongers, our respected and highly educated prime minister and finance minister is this:

'if industry is not going to come to india, how will india develop. if we block growth, how will india grow. how can india jump from developing to developed country'.

the answers for these lies in cuddalore as put in this link at

a slew of industries (below list) is being planned and each of its will deal its own death-blow to the bigger coastal town of cuddalore.

a. ultra mega coal power plant being proposed in Naduthittu near cuddalore

b. effulents 'piped' hundreds of kilometers from the pollution hell of tirupur and ambur regions onto cuddalore sea

c. a pvc factory that has a bad track record in mettur cauvery area being proposed in cuddalore

d. a petro chemical refinery that will turn the air and water petro-toxic.

is this 'developedment', wherein only urban area people enjoy the benefits of these pollution oriented industries. is this 'growth', wherein only the industrialists and elite engineers make money and can have their houses safely in urban areas afar from their factories that pollute wilfully and easily.

this is pollution hell awaiting to embrace the greater town of the coastal cuddalore and choke it to death. and another name for this hell is 'developedment' . 'developedment' at the cost of local ecology on which depend tens of thousands of local people.


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