Wednesday, November 22, 2006

there is an interesting article in hindu business line at

it says as below
However, the Draft Integrated Energy Policy by Planning Commission is quite hopeful that the country may be able to exploit by 2030-31 its hydel potential to the tune of 1,50,000 MW, nuclear power to the extent of 59,000 MW and additional power through wind source to the tune of 14,000 MW.

this is a big joke. in india, there are numerous dams. india is probably one of top 5 'dammed' countries. but no study has been done on exsiting dams on major rivers, their utility rate, their output, their performance etc.

and our officials come up with nice figure of 1.5 lakhs mw hydro potential out of nowhere.

the draft integrated policyh talks about the criticality of the coal power. why is there no mention of the fact that india's electricity losses due to t&d is nearly 30 to 40% (america loss is like 4% probably).

why is there no mention of conservation of electricity in massive scale. why is no mention of environmentally friendly apartments, buildings, etc. why is no mention of having cfl (compact flourscent lamps) that can save each year upto 5000mw. how about mandatory solar water heaters for urban areas. how about more usage of solar power like solar roofs.

as big industries moves into electricity generation, all they care is of big coal, nuclear and hydel plants because they can rake in the moolah.

india's true development can also be achieved using sustainable ways of electricity generation.


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