Friday, November 17, 2006

of late, tadadi project seems to be lying low(

i was speaking to people who are opposing the project and they told although the govt is acting as though they are lying low on this project, backend work is going on.

meanwhile if you have time, please read about how a proposed 1015mw coal power plant in udupi is facing protests. these protests are going on for past 6 years ever since the plant was proposed. the link is

also check out the ratnagiri site where maharastra govt is proposing a 1000mw coal power plant at

this plant is in addition to the 4000mw monster being proposed in sindudurg in maharastra.

very rarely in urban areas we realise the disasters these plants are creating and oblivious to that disaster we chugh along happily in our a/c rooms, geyser water heaters, 55 inch color tv, huge fridget - all of which suck electricity.

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