Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i read about chennai's plans to build a new desalination plant at

it is funny. funny because all of chennai rivers are dead with sewage. adayar river, otteri nullah, bukcingham canal, etc are dead with human waste.

funny because most of chennai's waterbodies are dying. ambattur lake, tambaram lake, porur lake, etc are under massive wilful encroachment.

funny because in areas like t.nagar, there is no chance of rainwater being harvested because entire area is cemented with apartments.

funny because people of chennai require an order from taminadu govt to install rainwater harvesting structures which most of them are seldom built correctly and worse used badly.

funny because several hundred temple tanks lie in disuse and each of these can dramatically increase ground water pattern in their areas.

funny because chennai needs articifical desalination plant when it has killed all natural sources of water.

the cost of desalination plant will run several hundred (or possibly several thousands crores). this is not funny. because this kind of serious tax payer money can be spent in a wise manner if and only if chennai care's about its natural water sources.


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