Monday, November 27, 2006

cuddalore is a coastal town around 200 kms from chennai. one area of cuddalore called sipcot has been ravaged by pollution. the blog tracks pollution cases at a very detailed is at

now the govt is proposing to setup highly hazardous industries including pvc factory, dumping of effulents, highly polluting coal factory, all of which will destroy the coastal ecosystem of cuddalore in which depends lakhs and lakhs of people.

to protest against this 'developedment', the youth of cuddalore is going on cycle rally across several villages. details at

using your email please also mail the hon'ble CM of tamilnadu as follows and request him not to allow any new polluting industries in cuddalore area.

subject:please stop setting up of any further polluting units in cuddalore
dear chief minister of tamilnadu dr.karunanidhi,

my name is xxx and i live in xxx.

i hereby bring reference to the latest events in cuddalore.

please refer to the cuddaloreonline blogspot link at and also sipcot blog at

there is a wide spread false notion that entire cuddalore area is ruined already by pollution and it is okay if we setup more polluting units. in this face of this assumption several massive polluting units including a plastic factory (that is already polluting mettur cauvery area where mother cauvery enters tamilnadu - ), a highly toxic and polluting coal power plant, an effulent dumping from tirupur, etc are being proposed in cuddalore area.

we hereby bring your attention to the fact that only the sipcot area of cuddalore is facing heavy pollution whereas several hundred outskirts village and cuddalore coasts are in very good condition feeding thousands of families via fishing and agriculture.

i hereby request you to take positive action to STOP setting up of any further polluting units including coal power plants, refineries, plastic factories, etc in cuddalore. if you want to setup industries please ensure non polluting industries are being setup in cuddalore so that the rural people's livelihood does not get impacted by pollution.

let not the rural poor pay a very heavy price for the enjoyment of urban excess. please say NO to further polluting units in cuddalore



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