Saturday, December 23, 2006

thomas freidman is going green in a big way suddenly. i am seeing more green article from him rather than previous years.

development, says freidman, should be green. i would like him to be more assertive to also say reuse, reduce and recycle because development should also be sustainable and environment friendly.

in his above article he points out how texas is no.1 in america in terms of producing wind energy. in india side tamilnadu is the saudi arabia of wind. tamilnadu has over 50% of india's wind power.

wind power in tamilnadu and india needs massive thrust, support, encouragement and incentives. govt of india has announced massive 4000mw coal power plants each costing 15000 crore rupees. it should come out and also announce massive and feasible schemes for wind power with the aim of reaching 50000 mw by 2025.

below are some of the wind tower in the wind farms of udumulpet area of tamilnadu near coimbatore.


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