Tuesday, December 19, 2006

india tourism department runs the incredible india ads all over internet, domestic and foreign tv's, print editions in time magazine, etc.

but if at all our tourism department is concerned with sustainable manner in which we can treat our rivers, forests, tribals, etc then it would have scored a true victory and attract a lot more tourists.

let me explain.

i was just browsing thro the time magazine (edition was couple of weeks old) and was surprised to see a full page glossy ad on incredible india which had a taj mahal front side with a gleaming yamuna nearby (!!!). fair enough for ad guys to pull this trick. the image is like the one below.

but in reality, the image of taj is very different as illustrated in the cnn ibn story. taj is more like below if you take a look around taj.

this is what i call 'developedment' - a fake manner in which india is being developed, projected, marketed and pushed ahead.


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