Monday, December 18, 2006

what will happen to you - assuming you live in a sprawling metropolis like chennai which faces huge drinking water issues - and you are involved in water bodies protection (lakes, temple tanks, etc).
you will get arrested on bogus charges!!!
yes, that's what happened to mr.s.p.narayanaswamy in chennai (picture courtesy 'the hindu').
water bodies of chennai is very crucial and mr.narayanaswamy was involved in protection of the Tirupananthaal Lake in Pammal along with other civic issues via exnora.
instead of applauding and working with committed individuals like mr.narayaswamay, the govt goes in the opposite direction and rightly invited the protests of concerned citizens. and very correctly exnora, in a letter to Chief Minister, said the arrest was a "black mark" on the administration and demanded his unconditional release.

we too demand an unconditional release via the email below.
subject: please release mr.narayanaswamy immediately
dear chief minister of tamilnadu dr.karunanidhi,
my name is xxx and i live in xxx.
i hereby bring your kind attention to the arrest of activist mr. narayaswamy as pointed out by hindu at
it is very clear that the administration has arrested him on very filmsy and bogus charges. we need more committed individuals like mr.narayaswamy who can work on issues pertaining to the urban water bodies of chennai.
we hereby demand and urge you to release mr.narayaswamy unconditionally and take action against the officials who were involved in this bogus arrest. democracy can sustain and nourish the society only by govt working with concerned individuals like mr.narayaswamy. as exnora has pointed out at hindu report at, unless your government recognise the work of committed individuals like mr.narayanaswamy in protecting the water bodies of chennai, all your efforts to bring in golden rule for tamilnadu will come for a naught.


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