Thursday, March 15, 2007

in a shameful act of ultimate callousness, the left front west bengal government with its irresponsible and punitive action against unarmed villagers has made sure precious lives has been lost in nandigram.

i am not prone to cliches or stereotypes. but to recall in one line, the neo capitalists of the left front whose leader is west bengal CM buddhadeb, feels that brutal land acquisition and setting up of mega industries will lead to glory of west bengal.

and in nandigram, the land is being acquired for a huge chemical industries setup. examples in cuddalore, eloor, patancheru, etc shows that nandigram is all set for ruin. left front leader bardan has put this correctly amidst the chaos in the left front.
He said that, in a way, the chemical industry was being exported from developed countries like Japan and Germany to third world nations. "Why should they pollute our state?" he asked.

and our another friend in left front, who calls himself an intellectual and who has been in forefront opposing narmada and other fake development projects is now saying everybody to keep off so that west bengal can imprint its own 'model' of brutalising people in name of development.

each and every indian and human being should be ashamed of this brutalisation in name of development.


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