Monday, March 26, 2007

thousands of crores has been spent on ganga action plan (GAP) and the ganga is as polluted as ever.

cnn ibn news documentary vividly exposes this. a shirnking river slammed by pollution from industries -that want to develop themselves more rather than the community-, a clueless government machinery, the uncaring civilian all contributing to the demise of the river.

ganga is now world's top 5 polluted river. ganga, fyi, is the most holiest river of india and also a most vital river for many million people.

the 3 part video can be seen at cnn ibn website. below is the first part.

GAP has had huge problems even from the start and the government plainly refused to see logic. the result, a sewage and toxic drain flowing in the place where the might river once flowed.

well, when it comes to development of india, dont we all agree there is a huge GAP.


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