Tuesday, March 27, 2007

one of the sad facts of the development crazy india is negligence of basic services.

basic service as essential as hygienic toilet is a huge dream for many million people.

with government itself acting as middlemen and broker for malls, industries, etc it has totally forgotten on the social services that it has to provide to millions of people.

there are some exceptions though. the eco san toilet by District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) in tamilnadu is an example of how real development needs to blend with the needs of local people who will be impacted.

paul calvert of eco solutions has been pioneering this concept for many years and albeit slowly it is catching upon.

for industries and government that build Utopian pipe lines for sewage and then simultaneously thrash the rivers with the same sewage (and their factory pollutants) the development is the increasing balance sheet money whereas for poor communities that are in need of real solutions, eco san type of solutions is the real positive development. a development that cannot be measured by money but by good quality of life.

(a demo of the eco san toilet systems that can totally eliminate sewage from polluting the local rivers, waterbodies, etc. these kind of toilet has to be made mandatory for the urban rich so that precious water can be saved apart from saving urban water bodies. will the fake development crazy india listen though?)


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