Thursday, March 29, 2007

here we go. how does india become a more 'developed' nation. meaning how can india's rich become more richer.

very simple. follow what Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Ficci) is suggesting.

they want all environmental monitoring to stop. (fyi: in india the environmental monitoring is among the weakest in the world. crucial ministries like moef, pollution control boards are virtually sleeping and/or severely compromised by the industries) and ficci suggests that they do self monitoring on environmental issues.

In the self-certification system, industrial unit would not be subject to regular inspections under various rules and regulations but would self-certify the compliance of its operations with these rules.

what a great idea. already where ever industries are located, especially the red tag industries in verticals such as pharma, chemicals, asbestos, leather, etc the entire areas are death beds of pollution.

now throw in self monitoring, you will have india that is literally shining with pollution and of course bulging the valets of industry wallahs and their supplicants in crucial government departments.

development, as they say, need no policing. only dont-see-dont-monitor-we-will-'take care' attitude.

(sipcot industrial unit in cuddalore is a classic case of industrialisation gone bad due to wilful massive pollution. now throw in self-monitoring, the area like these will be living and roting hell)

(kaluveli wetlands in tamilnadu. already under massive threat due to various factors including indiscriminate sand mining, india's enviornment is taking a huge beating in name of fake development that benefits only a section of the urban society)


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