Tuesday, April 03, 2007

i nearly tipped and fell from my chair.

the news said that the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) have entered into an agreement to share information of Climate Leaders Programme, an eco-protection initiative being implemented in the US currently.

i dont' follow EPA work in america. but i can tell this much. EPA's initiatives in climate change issue is very much lagging. When EPA has to be a leader in climate change issue (one of main contributors for greenhouse gas emissions is america) it is a laggard.

and now you combine EPA's dubious climate change work with the careless, polluting, devil may care attitude of indian corporates when it comes to environment - you have a sucker punch of 2 devils dancing a dirty dance.

CII has repeatedly ignored, brushed aside, rallied, lobbied against environmental protection in india. for industries in india that are in red tag zone (leather, textile, dyes, chemicals, cement, etc) environment is nothing but a useless thing.

and to partner with such an entity will make utter non sense even for basic environmental issues and to partner with them for huge issues like climate change will be fruitless. let CII acknowledge that its member industries have to do much more on environment protection, local community involvement, nourishing of local resources rather than looting environment, then such a partnership will be useful.


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