Wednesday, April 04, 2007

india's sad state of natural resources can be best exemplified by kerala.

kerala, a stunning place, for which its rivers, backwaters, forests, etc is very crucial not only for living purpose and also for income generation.

but indiscriminate assault on the natural pillars of kerala which are the rivers, backwaters, forests, coastal region is taking a heavy toll.

many million keralites like chennaities, are now dependent on tanker water. it is sad commentary on how negligent the rulers of kerala has been.

when kerala's natural resources can be nourished and well kept, it is the opposite plundering that is happening.

when it comes to development, only thing matter seems to be money for even if it means destruction of our very basis of life

(rivers like pampa above are very crucial for kerala's water and tourism needs. but as the hindu article points out in this post, abuse of these rivers has been a major contributor for degradation of kerala's environment)


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