Monday, April 30, 2007

what is mining sector in india.

one line answer: mining is all loot and run.

this is the most exact answer anybody can give to the rowdy, uncaring and abusive mining sector in india.

2 questions in the interview sum it up. the sector does not care about sustainability, environment and people. it abuses all laws of human environment just to make fast buck. no wonder, the mining regions are the poorest and destroyed regions of india and those mining regions are the ones that host rich biodiversity and tribal traditions.

who cares? when it comes to development, only the well heeled urban area 'industrialists' from which these mine owner comes benefit. all others face the brutality of mines.

Is mining incompatible with environment? Is there a way out?Mining is required. But the regulatory mechanisms have to be sound. The Minerals Conservation and Development Rules, for example, are too vague. The Indian Bureau of Mines, for instance, surveys all 3,000 mines annually but each year finds the same number of violations. There is no policy on closure of mines. People won’t sacrifice their lives just for national development.

Is there such a thing called good mining?

No. There can only be well managed mining — Sesa Goa, for example — to reduce impact on environment.


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