Tuesday, May 01, 2007

as india speeds without control, benefiting its urban elite, one section that is being pushed to the edge is the urban poor.

urban poor who rely on urban ecosystems for livelihood. fishermen who rely on coastal seas in urban areas, farmers who live close to urban areas, marginalised people who double/treble as janitors, road sweepers, etc - these are the sections that get slammed as a section of urban india rockets itself to glory amidst extreme squalor.

frontline article capture one such neglected section, the gorai fishing village of north mumbai.

the last 2 para's aptly sums up the lop sided development that is taking place in india.
"The rich are becoming richer by grabbing our lands but we are going to starve. They have no right to take our village, however poor we might be," says Stella Murzello, an elderly vegetable farmer from Gorai.

Amusement parks, high-speed bridges, pollution - it is life in the fast lane for Mumbai's elite. Its repercussions are being felt by the Kolis. The dreams of Mumbai's urban planners are turning into a nightmare for Mumbai's fishermen and other deprived communities.


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