Friday, May 04, 2007

what happens when top notch companies want to grow. what happens when leading software companies want to increase their revenue, what happens when foreign multinationals want to grow in a new market area, what happens...

let us stop...

we all know the answer. they put a strong management team on ground to make sure that team can drive all pieces in achieving the goal.

now what should happen when the important forests and vital environment of india needs to be protected. the same thing, the custodian of forests, the government which is elected by the people, has to put strong team on the ground so that team can take care of our natural wealth.

in india's maniac growth for blind development, all our pillars (environment, forests, pollution control, audit, etc) are being dusted to the ground.

how else we could explain the following para from the news report.

The situation is alarming, around 40-50 per cent posts are lying vacant and the average age of the staff is around 45 years. Besides, due to lack of proper infrastructure, it is difficult to protect our national wealth of forests," the Committee noted in its report tabled in the Parliament recently.

'development' - indeed is fast becoming a very dirty word when it comes to environment and marginalised people.


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