Friday, May 04, 2007

cseindia, has been focussing on EIA (environment impact assessment) process of india for a considerable time. as part of that they run courses, which is very vital, on eia to ngo's, journalists, environmental activists, etc.

one such class is profiled at their website and the below picture caught my eye.

of all things, why does cse, give the participants water bottles. ain't water bottle environmentally degrading?. the oil that is being used create the bottle itself, the oil and pollution it takes to ship the bottles to various location, the neglect of water bodies by govt as the private sector mines for water in agricultural lands thereby making huge profits and obviously greasing government sectors concerned to water to die a slow death, etc, etc - all these are allegations against the water bottle industry.

i think cse has to come up with its own green audit. apart from being an environmental organisation, it is also a journalistic organisation. following things from cse will help us to understand how a pioneer manages its own waste.

1. electricity used/consumed/conserved.
2. fresh paper used/recycle paper used.
3. where does the paper comes from for its pioneering and path breaking downtoearth magazine.
4. how does it manage its waste water.
5. what rwh structures are in place and how much they are able to cut out delhi water supply because of that
6. how much green building techniques they have inbuilt in their building
7. conservation measures in place as process for electricity, water, waste, etc
8. what kind of sewage recycling they have, if any. (like ecosan toilets).
9. what kind of packaged products (bottled water, packaged food, fast food) it serves to its team and outside participants and how it is being recycled, if any.

being green should start from everybody. cse is not an exception to this.


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