Saturday, May 05, 2007

mani shankar aiyer seems to be waken up a little.

in his speech before the lobby organisation cii (confederation of indian industries - or shall we say confederation of polluting indian industries - considering the huge damage various sectors like leather, chemicals, cement, sponge iron, mining, etc are causing in a wilful and reckless manner), he has bought some valid points.

couple of them are below.

You go to Hirakud, which is where Jawaharlal Nehru actually used the expression modern temples of India, and you ask what happened to the tribals who were driven out of there. Absolutely nobody knows.

n these circumstances, when a proposal came before the government to spend Rs 648 crore on the Gram Nyaya department, we were solemnly informed by one of the most influential ministers in the government to remember that we are a poor country. I was delighted when the next day he was with me in a group of ministers and I reminded him of his remark and said in that case can we stop spending the Rs 7000 crore on the Commonwealth Games and he said, “No, no, that is an international commitment and a matter of national pride.” This national pride will of course blow up if you spend Rs 7000 crore on the Commonwealth Games. We will be on the cover of Time and Newsweek.

maybe mr.aiyer ought to waken up earlier. or better mr.aiyer should follow up on his awakening process and use his ideas to point out and correct the lopsided 'developedment' of india. will he?


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