Monday, May 07, 2007

the latest study by pucl (people's union of civil liberties) in the 'most developed' (er...or shall we say 'most polluted') sipcot cuddalore area gave a shocking glimpse of the level of pollution in the area.

studies by pucl shows that fishes in river uppanar bas been born with one eye, a genetic deformity, due to result of massive pollution by the mega-crore-profit-earning factories in sipcot cuddalore.

previous studies and reports show that fishes have been found with rashes, a severe indication that pollution has become deadly.

development can be deforming to local ecology and people too apart from destroying it.
(A fisherman displays a fish damaged by pollutants in the River Uppanar)
(Indiscriminate dumping of toxic wastes has spoilt agricultural fields and groundwater.)


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