Thursday, May 17, 2007

i was shocked on reading the statement of the learned tamil scholar and administrator, the CM of tamilnadu describing those who oppose the sethu project as anti-nationals.

this is a shocking statement. this is same as bush administration indicating that those who oppose the ill fated brutal iraqi invasion as "unpatriotic".

sethu project had huge issues. even the bnhs (bombay natural history society) questioned the very usefulness of this project which is cutting time to travel because of the new dreged channel.

several emininet people have called for caution. one letter in dte magazine called for caution.
The Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project (sscp) has been cleared by the Union ministry of environment and forests and the cabinet committee. Despite this,

the crucial project, which will cut through a natural chain of shoals to link the Gulf of Mannar with the Palk Bay, needs the attention of the world’s environmentalists. The region is the habitat of many endangered organisms of subtropical, shallow marine environments, such as algae, fish, coral reefs, sea horses and several kinds of plants. The aquatic wealth of this very protected, subtropical, shallow marine region may be affected adversely as the regional food chain will be disturbed.

the cover story by downtoearth magazine done on march 2006 pointed out the huge negative effects of this project.

but suddenly our honorable CM is giving a dangerous twist to the project. to quote hindu, "
The implementation of the project would lead to economic prosperity for the state and elevation of India to the super power status, he said."

how so?

if thousands of poor fishermen are thrown away from their daily livelihood will india become a 'super power'?
when there are big EIA violations and the project itself is being conducted in utmost secrecy, lead india to become 'super power'?
and finally if india does not become 'super power' because of this project, will those who pushed this project become anti nationals.

strange indeed is the logic of 'development' of india. now those who oppose fake development are not only hindering 'progress of the rich' but also are 'anti nationals'.


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