Tuesday, May 15, 2007

we have chronicled quite a bit the huge pollution that is taking place in tirupur belt of tamilnadu.

the dyeing and textiles units have abused river noyyal, cauvery and have screwed up thousands of acres of farmland. even with repeated court intrevention, the well to do textile factory owners have cared nothing about the sorry state of affairs.

now adding to the toxic chaos, sewage is freely flowing into this vital kalingarayan canal thereby making it a very dangerous cocktail (cocktail of development, i guess).

hindu erode section had the news report on this latest tragedy. tragedy, i guess, has no meaning in these parts for the farmers who fertile land has become wastelands.

it will be far better if the textile mills come up with 'green' line of clothing with extra cost attached to the clothing. using the extra money gained, at least, they can invest more on cleaning up and fixing the pollution issue. but i am pretty sure even with extra money, the pollution will remain, as there is zero monitoring and enforcement by tamilnadu pollution control board (tnpcb).

tnpcb is virtually a dead agency as examples in mettur, cuddalore, pallikaranai, kodaikanal, etc a shows and many vital pillars that are there to protect our environment is dead under the assault of 'development'.

(Large quantities of sewage and effluents from textile industries and tanneries stagnate in the Kalingarayan canal at Periya Agraharam and Karungalpalayam area.)


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