Monday, June 04, 2007

tomorrow, june 5, is world environment day. ho-hum....

in west, the marketing guys have tweaked most of days into mother's day, father's day, daughter's day, son's day, sunny day, winter day, pet dog day, etc and for each one of these massive ad campaign is launched to promote merchandise.

in india, traditional holidays such as deepavali, pongal, navratri, ganesh chathurthi, etc is being used by ad guru's to push merchandise.

but during environment day is the poor cousin of all the days. a day which nobody care's to take note.

hindu did though with the below telling photo and caption.

it is pretty clear, when it comes to development, environment is a thing to be abused and not the one to be nourished and celebrated.

(Tomorrow is universally observed as 'World Enviroment Day'. Let us hope that in the new millennium, there will be more concern for conservation than in the past. A view of the polluted Adyar river between Guindy and Saidapet, in Chennai)