Thursday, May 31, 2007

ibnlive has a interesting section that so far i have not noticied.

it has a section called citizen's reporter and there was a timely story on the manipal-udupi road in the coastal karnataka. (thank god citizen's reporter is not reporting on the belly dancing class room sessions of some movie actress. no pun intended though!)

udupi is one of the gorgeous coastal places with sun kissed beaches, long coastlines, beautiful western ghats and more.

but most rural places in india, it is neglected and it is not in the 'development' screen of booming urban sectioned india.

as bhaskar ballal points out, the manipal-udupi route is nothing but a huge garbage dump. a pristine land is now abused with filth, waste and garbage and points to a failed policy of having no useful recycling or green strategy of our planner.

'development' after all means use, spend and trash rather than sustain, nourish and protect.


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