Wednesday, June 06, 2007

what's the link between you clutching the fancy cola aluminum can the the villagers near vizag in AP.

but, let us step back. when you clutch the cola (either pepsi or coke or any other manufacturer), it is cool, aint' it.

particularly in india, clutching the can is more affluent than drinking from a glass bottle.

having a coke can in one hand, having bluetooth in the ear and driving a polluting pre- euro III car is the way urban india is enjoying and of course 'developing'.

and let's come back. what's the link between the poor villagers desperate attempt to survival and the coke can.

because by mining the villagers land, by brutally throwing them out, by making them more poorer and worst without land and looting the meagre compensation that are offered, bauxite is mined. this bauxite takes the final form of can.

in brazil and in china to a certain extent, there is a belated realisation that mining is proving brutal and screwing up entire ecology. in india, the tell tale proof is all over the place as the cseindia presentation below shows.

in the villages near vizag, the gory dance of development has just started. will it continue its death march over innocent villagers land and life. only the can holding urban folk can determine at the end. if he relinquishes his lavish lifestyle and sticks to a lifestyle that is environmentally friendly, the pressure on the vizag villagers can be reduced by putting more pressure on policy makers to adopt environmentally friendly policies.

till then many such mindless mining cases will continue in name of fake development.