Sunday, June 10, 2007

couple of days back, greenpeace india published a study on the impact of a port in dhamra, orissa. as per greenpeace, it said that the port project would cause irreversible environmental damage.

there seems to be serious issues with the eia already done for the port. two big names of indian industry, tata steel and l&t are planning to build the multi hundred crore rupees port.

most importantly the port area has good presence of the endangered olive ridley turtles. and also there is bound to be heavy impact on massive dredging for the port, continuous presence of loading/unloading of iron, etc.

tata steel, like many of india's illustrious industries wish washed the report saying they will consider all the points of the report.

wish washing is the hall mark of indian industries. when they want to hide truth, when they want to hide environmental disasters in the making, when they want to hide their falsifications, nobody in the world can beat india's industries. and all these things are done under the garb of 'development'.
( Proposed Dhamra Port threatens the olive ridley turtle. in front of development, nothing except money matters in india)


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Dredging India

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