Thursday, June 07, 2007

what happens when an environment minister gets well crazy...or shall we call it non-environmental?

that's what happened when ganesh naik, honorable minister of environment of maharastra.

“If a law creates obstacles in a country's progress, then it should be scrapped,” he said at a public meeting. Here’s what Naik's bizarre plan entails: convert all mangroves into buildings, encroach the sea and landfill it and build huge mansions, scrap all laws that are there to protect the coasts in favour of 'development'.

if his words are made 'decent' it will read exactly what our prime minister, finance minister, industrialists say which is "development is good as it brings money, lots of money. damn with the environment and the people who depend on those."

ibnlive calls these plans bizarre. we should call these plans as dangerous. dangerous for ecosystem and dangerous for the people of mumbai.

(the vital thane creek in mumabi. assaulted with sewage, pollution and garbage it fights valiantly as mumbai's lungs to keep the ecosystem stable, water table levels optimum and filtering the filth thrown on it)