Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mr. ramesh is indeed a lonely man. in india, when you talk against fake development, you are indeed lonely.

but his orders on bt.brinjal, athirapally hydel project, goa mining stoppage, etc are HUGE for india.

you can be lonely sir, but you cannot afford to leave alone our crucial environment and forests alone.

please continue your good work.

indeed, as mr.ram says, it is a sad day for india. when the renowned painter mr.hussain is living in a forced exile, it is not only a sad day but a shameful day for india.

the land of gautama and gandhi should hangs it head in shame when its famous painter is being chased by rabid fanatics.

india should take all steps to bring hussain back and hussain should not be fearful in showing his paintings. art cannot be censored. taliban censors art. india does not.

Monday, February 22, 2010

can bloom change the world? can it eliminate or atleast replace in a major way the need for polluting coal power plants, destructive dams and dangerous nuclear power.

cbs 60 minutes had an interesting segment on it. please check read full story that can have the potential to change the world.

Friday, February 19, 2010

kudo's to our energetic and caring minister of environment and forests mr.jairam ramesh on coming out against the stupid and destructive athirapally project.

after a long time, india's environment and forests has got a minister who seems to have a genuine eye for conservation.

kudo's mr.ramesh. may your good work continue.

we ruin our rivers
call it progress
we smash our forests
call it growth
we throw our tribals to dust
call it gdp
we kill our ecosystem
call it development
insanity has new word
in the lips of economists
fake development that is.

run, don't walk on Shekar Dattatri interview with respect to india's forests/wildlife.

“If you put every one of our 30 tiger reserves together, it comes to about 40,000 of land. That's about the size of a single reserve in Brazil, which is 35,000 Several hundred rivers originate from natural parks and sanctuaries, and the blueprints of so many pharmaceutical drugs come from the forest. It's not just about saving the ‘poor animals'; if you must look at it that way, it's about saving ourselves.”

our policy makers, courts, politicians, urban middle class need to memorize the above day in and day out and only then perhaps they will realize unless we protect this 4% of india's land the rest 95% can survive.

but fake development does not care about facts right? it cares only about greed and money (and as in western world 'bailout's')!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

a tribal from orissa nails india's fake developedment that even nobel laureates like amartya sen is singing paeans for.

In New Delhi, Kumti Majhi of the Kutia Kondh community welcomed the decision. “I am glad they have listened to our problems. They [the Church’s representatives] came and stayed in our hut and listened to us also…Why doesn’t the government listen,” he asked. “The government people only come and they go around in Vedanta’s helicopter, in Vedanta’s cars, and then they go back and say Vedanta is doing good things.”

remember if places like niyamgiri is killed in name of mining, india's soul and its crucial pillar (tribals in this case) gets killed. and nobody should be calling wanton killing as 'development'.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

kudos to mr.ramesh, india's minister of environment and forests on his bt brinjal decision.

when there are thousands of brinjal varieties and in no way shortage of brinjal, bt brinjal is a "solution" for which no 'problem' exists.

in terms of technology, it would have killed the thousands of brinjal varieties that is there in india.

and in mr.ramesh india looks like finally it may have a genuine environment minister.