Friday, February 19, 2010

run, don't walk on Shekar Dattatri interview with respect to india's forests/wildlife.

“If you put every one of our 30 tiger reserves together, it comes to about 40,000 of land. That's about the size of a single reserve in Brazil, which is 35,000 Several hundred rivers originate from natural parks and sanctuaries, and the blueprints of so many pharmaceutical drugs come from the forest. It's not just about saving the ‘poor animals'; if you must look at it that way, it's about saving ourselves.”

our policy makers, courts, politicians, urban middle class need to memorize the above day in and day out and only then perhaps they will realize unless we protect this 4% of india's land the rest 95% can survive.

but fake development does not care about facts right? it cares only about greed and money (and as in western world 'bailout's')!!


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