Monday, June 29, 2009

welcome back friends.. after an enforced break, this blog restarts, albeit slowly.... so many things happened in the interim though.

1. more and more bailout for corporate america came. if only 1% of that kind of effort is made to sustain our ecology!!!

2. congress party was a surprise winner of elections and that was not due to their SEZ policies but due to NREGA and RTI and other rural programs. it is now time for a real change from fake development policies of the past to sustainable development policies of the future.

3. the people of iran showed surprising spike for their rights. my verdict --> it will be brutally crushed as the world watches the other side. we are all ahmadinejad's right. we do not care about china's open abuses of human rights, we do not care about india's brutalisation of tribals in name of fake projects, we do not care of blatant human rights violations in myanmar, we did not wink when iraq was raped by america's fake war... so why do we care about iran.?. bro, it ain't matter bro.

4. and hey india's a surprise of surprise. india's new environment minister seems to be making the right noise and moves pertaining to india's environment.

so on we start, slowly chronicling the fake development of india, the massive abuse of india's ecology in name of development. of course, if there are good stories i will always blog it. if at all there is any. there is none so far and the picture when it comes to the environment of india is very bleak. hopefully our new environment minister mr.jairam ramesh will show a little positive attitude thereby bringing much needed strength of the ministry of environment and forests thereby giving the sorely needed protection of india's environment.


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