Monday, January 19, 2009

kudos to rasheeda bhagat on her very good writeup on the mumbai terror attack vis-a-vis pakistan's own situation.

when it is clear even to a monkey, that the terrorists who killed innocent mumbaikars, israeli's, americans and british (never mind the weirdness of their foreign secy miliband's remarks), pakistan clearly refuses to see the sun that is shinging as brightly as it can on its terror deeds.

remember one thing. if you ride a dog to attack others, it is just a matter of time before the dog turns on you and kills you. pakistan is riding the terrorism dog a long time and it just matter of coming months before the dog unleashes the fury on its 'owner'.

as rasheeda clealry points out, indians (and the world) is clearly not amused by pakistan's antics. like she puts it.
But in response, all we’ve had from Pakistan so far are a bunch of lies, a string of denials, stirring up of war hysteria, empty threats, crocodile tears and doublespeak of the most treacherous variety.

enough!!!!! it is time for pakistan to act and turn over the terror leaders to india. failing which india should go ahead and cut off full diplomatic, trade, cultural ties with that country followed by surgical strikes in co-operation with elite israeli commando's to dismantle the terror infrastructure that is being patronised in that nation by the rogue intelligence agency called isi.


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