Wednesday, January 07, 2009

oh is it? i did not know that for sure.

FICCI and CII, however, said the Satyam episode should not be seen as a blot on all the Indian firms.

as raju, the disgraced ceo of satyam software becomes the poster child for india's pampered and corrupt companies, the industry lobby quotes as above.

oh is it? all companies are god's angels and only satyam is rotten.

when indian companies can thrash poor triabls, kick poor farmers in their stomach, forcibly acquire tens of thousands of acres of land in name of 'development', pollute india's mother rivers like shit, they can do anything.

and raju is a classic example of india's corporate honcho's. the only difference is that raju has committed a huge accounting fraud whereas other companies do environmental and tribal fraud day in and day out.

oh is it cii? we all are dumb indians you know. to shake and nod our head in appreciation to the wonderful stuff india's corporates is doing for marginalized sections of india in name of 'fake development'.

(the disgraced chairman of un-satyam software. he is the poster boy of what's wrong with the macho, honcho, sez chewing, farmer kicking, tribal and environment thrashing indian industry)


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