Saturday, December 20, 2008

i had written that terrorism, terrorists and terror leaders have no causes on which they wreck havoc. even if the entire world is at peace and peaceful they will invent new reasons to attack and cause massive bloodletting.

salman rushdie is right on the same lines.

Imagine the economic and social problems of Muslims in India is solved, Salman Rushdie said the other day; imagine the Kashmir problem is also solved; imagine too, the Israelis and Palestinians have made peace. Would al Qaeda and the various self-proclaimed jihadists "then put their guns down?"

He has no illusions any such thing would happen, he said firmly.

The jihadists are bent not only on "dragging us into the Middle Ages," he declared but are also planning on world domination. "It is all about power grabbing."

yep. salman rushdie is right. the terror brains wont stop until they are finished. let us be under no illusions. there is no doubt that gujarat carnage should NOT have happened, there should no doubt that kashmiri's deserve peaceful life like you and me and there is no doubt that if israel is smart they will smash the palestine issue into a peace pipe rather than a violent pipe.

but.... even if all these happens the terrorists do not care. they simply want to kill more people all the time for no reason. they will misquote ancient texts for no reason to wreck havoc.

unless terrorist brains are killed and terrorism infrastructure dismantled, what the world has seen in terms of 9/11 or 26/11 is nothing.


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