Thursday, December 04, 2008

as so what happens as the terror attack -on innocent people, visiting tourists, totally unconnected jewish center - go into our rear view mirror of life.

let me put the steps.

1. ghastly terror attack happens in india (and mostly in mumbai or north india)
2. our impotent politicians will tell they are taking all steps to prevent it.
3. some public anger will force terror tour politicians like the maha CM to resign. (once you eat full you burp right to digest. similarly if a politician sheds tears on innocent people killed in terror attacks you give a loud burp!!!)
4. our investigators go to work and of course after 15 years or so they will build a case.
5. our security agencies, intelligence agencies and police wallahs all give usual noises and then fall asleep in incompetence.
6. meanwhile pakistan based terrorists along with their masters in ISI will be laughing like hell and planning the next attacks on an impotent india.
7. india will send its cricketers telling 'normal relations' are needed.
8. america, oblivious to the fact that the next massive attack on its own people will come from pakistan based terrorists, will be telling india and pakistan to talk and sort out and talk about responsibility. (oh yeah, i am wondering why americans is not willing to sit down for discussion with al qaeda as a responsible nation!!!)
9. china, heartily laughing, will tell that india pakistan issue is a major issue and urge us to talk and meanwhile crush its own citizens in human rights abuses
10. several reputed columnists will write about india being a matured power and suggest to do nothing.
10. a new terror attack on india leaves 100 dead and 300 injured.
11. repeated steps 1 to 10 again.

welcome to india. welcome to fake developedment. welcome to fake nationalism. welcome to fake politics. welcome to fake security. welcome, above all, to the 'chalta hai' nation.


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