Sunday, October 12, 2008

i was caught up in the whirpool of financial messs that is sweeping the world. as i tried to balance my sudden heavy work, catching up on the obama-mccain campaign, reading up and coming to speed on the financial mess, this blog took a back seat.

i hope to be regular from today posting as usual.

but as a parting shot, you have to wonder. wonder about the 'zero govt, less govt' crowd that was craving for more and more of de regulation.

when govt steps back from correct regulation and proper enforcement, when govt steps back from education its poorest sections, when govt steps back from providing proper health care for its citizens, the result will be a huge mess.

why do we elect a government, if all the government is going to do to be in the pocketbooks of wall street and industry wallah's, who are greedy day in and day out.

as india destroys its ecosystems and tribals and marginalised people in name of fake development, it can learn mighty lessons from the greedy wall street that destroyed all foundations of basic economics in its quest to be 'innovative' and 'more developed'!!!!

when it comes to rich wall street titans, socialism means more money from the government, capitalism means less regulation from the government!!!!


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