Tuesday, September 09, 2008

as the singur row on the tata nano plants swings back and forth, i found one interesting commentary.

adding to the sorry state, is the statement of infosys human resources head saying infosys is considering all options on their plans in west bengal.

below para from the article summarizes it nicely.
India Inc should guard against being seen as an insensitive, self-centred gang of greedy gargoyles out of sync with basic needs and expectations of the people. Without an India which is internally at peace with itself, where all categories of players (government, corporates, civil society, common folks) and all sectors (private, public, rural, urban, organised and unorganised) live in harmony, India Inc itself will come to grief. It should remember that its first and foremost obligation is to reinforce the efforts of elected governments to ameliorate the lot of the poor and the downtrodden, and that it should hold its wealth in trust to this end.

as this blog has repeatedly pointed out, the situation at ground level would not have come to such extreme has the not-so-communist communist government had been open, honest and caring from day one. instead they rushed head long and fell in the feet of tata's without caring a single minute about the farmers who own the land.

singur (and many other cases like it) points to the increasing decay that has set in politics as corporate heads wave and weave with their money power grabing land and natural resources at dead cheap prices. this has to stop and instances like singur atleast will put a semicolon if not a full stop to this mad process of development.


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