Thursday, August 21, 2008

the already turbulent politics of andhra became more turbulent with entry of telugu cinema superstar chiranjeevi.

without commenting on whether chiranjeevi did the right thing or not by entering into politics, his comment yesterday is a great one.

he asked his fans not to rush to hyderabad but to plant trees. this is a welcome statement. but in filmi style he just told a one liner to plant trees.

he should follow up on this to make sure tree planting is taken up in sustainable manner in urban and rural areas so that trees are not planted just because chiranjeevi told but because chiranjeevi is passionate about trees.

the power of cinema stars is immense in india. if only they can raise their voice on important issues without getting into politics not only the issues will get into forefront of the cinema crazed urbanities but also the cinema stars can fully avoid the nasty politics that come along.


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