Tuesday, August 12, 2008

do you know the place in india that has the largest collection of private aircrafts. the people engaged in this business are so rich they also perhaps have the largest fleet of helicopters.

let's take a guess.

how about the diamond hub of surat?

how about the textile hub of tirupur?

how about the software headquarters of bangalore?

how about cinemawallahs of mumbai?

the place is one of the most abused and enviornmentally destroyed place in india. once called by mahatma gandhi as the 'kashmir of the south', it can be called now as 'death bed of the south'. it is bellary in karnataka.

you name any mess and it is there in bellary.

child labour?
of course.

environmental violations?
oh sure.

destruction of local livelihoods in agriculture and dairy farming?

huge environmental degradation?
we love that. by the way, what is 'environment'?

i want to quote a para from cseindia report as quoted by ibnlive.
Infact, illegal mining is so rampant in Bellary that the CSE report says that there has been a huge drain on the state exchequer. Karnataka lost an estimated Rs25,000 crore. The government now says that it will take a tough stand on illegal mining in Bellary.

the private miners (mostly powerful local and state level politicians) have made couple of thousands of crores. karnataka has lost tens of thousands of crores. the local population + their livelihood + the ecology damaged perhaps beyond repair.

welcome to bellary. welcome to the 'development' of india. we all can have much more bellaries all across india right? who does not want to own a fleet of aircraft's anyways?(the face of bellary, karnataka. with huge mineral resources and absolutely no rules or laws, this places have been ravaged beyond control. in what could have been a boom to the state, local residents if managed sustainably, this place has been loot all place. and cases like this looting is easily called 'development' of india)


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