Sunday, August 10, 2008

behave like a guest, this is 'developedment india'.

behave like a guest, once upon lived gautama and mahatma here.

behave like a guest for modi is a friend and you are nobody.

behave like a guest for you have no freedom of speech.

behave like a guest as vote bank politics is paramount.

behave like a guest as we have no control over communal forces and infact we tie up with them depending on political situation.

sad, but true. in india not only taslima nasreen has to 'behave' but also many millions of marginalized people have to 'behave within their limits' so that government machinery can do whatever they want.

when the not-so-left comrades sleep with communal forces and the always soft communal congress wants the vote bank, writers like taslima nasreen has no future in india.


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