Wednesday, July 16, 2008

you might want to catch up on the massive multi hundred crore (perhaps potentially multi thousands crore ) 'science' project called "india based neutrino observatory" in one of the most vital tiger and wildlife habitats of india.

the hindu magazine this sunday had a news item on it. you can also check on some of the previous links on this. google search also can help you and this is the official website about the project and here is the faq section

hindu also carried an item which had the question tiger or science and the scientists responded with their own rejoinder.

for a massive 'science' project like this, it was funny to see the response for movement of trucks as follows:
This will be a small addition to the existing traffic average of 5-6 vehicles per HOUR in the daytime from Singara to Masinagudi and more than 100 vehicles per DAY one way from Bandipur towards Mudumalai/Theppakadu, on the route to be traversed by the trucks.

the alliance that is fighting this project has a detailed response on this rejoinder and the entire story. the blog captures nicely all the details.

for 6 vehicles per hour story, here is the point on that from the blog .
The INO figure of 6 trucks per day is not based on any scientific calculation. Using the figures given on the INO website, we have calculated that the volume of the hill to be excavated is 225,000 cubic
metres. The density of granite being about 2.8g/cc, there will be 630,000 tons of debris. At the rate of 6 round trips (which involves 12 disturbances through the forests) in 8 ton trucks (the current road cannot
handle larger trucks) it will take about 36 years to move these 630,000 tons. If, as the scientists have stated half of the debris will be reused in the building of the tunnel etc, this still means it will take them 18
years. Storing the debris is not a solution.

well, the scientists will keep on transporting the debris forever instead of concentrating on their 'science', i guess.

and the sad fact is that western ghats forests is already abused by several national highways that cut through vital forest areas, new highways being planned, massive unsustainable dams being planned, sudden electricity lines being proposed through forests, massive illegal mining, etc. if it is india's forests everything is good to go. let the party on baby!!!!


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