Friday, July 04, 2008

there we go again sir. let me repeat it okay and you take notes.

1. india needs development and 10% growth.
2. new methods needed and agriculture alone cannot provide jobs
3. we need land for industries so that they setup real estate, recreation and hey of course industries in massive farmers land
4. inflation? damn, i get this question always. it is because of oil. if oil comes back to 100 dollars a barrel, man, i tell you inflation will fall to 5%. till then we have to live with like 12 to 15% inflation.
5. and hey last but not the least, there is criticism that indian government, in which i am managing the finance part, is neglecting farmers. i would like to clarify that we have not ignored tens of thousands of suicides by farmers, not ignored the zero water policy of india, not ignored the sorry state of rivers and waterbodies. so in order to reinforce our concern we announce 5000 crore rupees relief for farmers of tamilnadu.

well, check after 1 month, the same thing will be repeated by our honorable finance minister. he and his colleagues have been saying the same thing and will be saying the same thing in future.

as i had said in one of previous blogs, "in india, you can fool all the people all the time in name of fake development"


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