Wednesday, June 25, 2008

see this scenario.

a woman born and bought in a western country and married to probably one of the most powerful families in the world and who is now running india's oldest politicial part of india.

the region, one of the most neglected in india. lying in the heart of north east, assam is a critical state of india but seldom cared for by babu's of delhi except of course when fake development is needed in terms of building monster dams

the audience, one of the least cared audience. the farming community which has been plagued by huge farmer suicides.

and what does she talk. she could have talked about farming issues, about fertilizer policy, about farmer suicides, about her government policies on agriculture, about ground water policy and of course along with usual political talk of greatness of the present government.

but she talks nuclear!!!! yes, she wants nuclear energy so that inflation can be curbed and farmers benefited. OMG!!! ma'm you have probably come to the wrong meeting.

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) chairperson Sonia Gandhi said on Friday that the country should realise the importance of nuclear energy in view of the increasing oil price at the international level and its fallout.

india's inflation is due to careless monetary and fiscal policy of the central government that promotes growth at maniac speed seldom caring about the marginalized sections of india and the nuclear power plants will NOT curb inflation by any means as india's electricity is not produced by oil but by dirty coal.

i think somebody at policy level has gone insane in madam's inner circle because the top management of present government talks only 2 things which are a) nuclear deal and b) high oil prices. and after talking of course, they go back to their usual self of promoting fake development policies that crush the majority of rural poor, farmers and marginalized sections of society.


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