Saturday, June 21, 2008

manmohan singh government does not know what to do. consider this in last 5 years,

* the government had no clue on the oncoming inflation which is now a monster 11%. that's not a spelling mistake. the government was relentlessly pushing fake development that was making the rich more richer and ignoring the crucial core inflation which is now biting poor and lower middle class big time.

* lakhs of farmer suicides ignored fully and his pet finance minister comes and throws thousands of crores as dog bone as though the foundation of farming can be fully rebuilt!!!

* fake development policies like SEZ screwing up farmers in a big way and tribals from orissa to kerala being thrown out of their land in name of mining and dams.

* education, rural health, etc are in doldrums like never before as the state has become a corporate stooge rather than protector of people since reforms started and has been expanded relentlessly without human face.

* many other fiasco's like fake mining policy, total abuse of environmental impact assessment, total twisting and smashing of coastal management zone guidelines, etc.

the crown jewel and the biggest mask for this government fake talk, is the nuclear deal with america. you know whenever you ask your son/daughter about their repeated mischief, they used to divert attention big time.

similarly this government in order to divert people attention, talks full load of crap of nuclear deal as though it is manna from heaven.

one thing is clear. talk fake talk all the time and change the topic when things don't work. the present government headed by oxford educated prime minister and harvard educated finance minister are classic examples of this.


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