Monday, June 09, 2008

ibnlive, on the world environment day last week, had a story about water woes of hyderabad.

the city of lakes is now a city of sewage lakes. not only hyderabad but many cities (chennai, delhi, mumbai, nagpur, kanpur, you name it) are just like hyderabad.

local water bodies which can satisfy all of the cities water issues has been converted to sewage dumps and water is piped from rivers several hundred kilometers away and typically this piping is being done by ruling party contractors who make a killing in cement, construction, piping, labour, etc.

no wonder, water woes of urban areas of india is beyond control. of course there is another word for this. development that is.


At 11:02 PM , Anonymous roopa said...

You must have also heard of how 22 leopards, driven by thirst were stoned or burnt alive etc. by villagers on the periphery of AP forests due to the summer heat this APril.

At 10:29 PM , Anonymous greenthoughts said...

i have not heard that story rupa. but yes, end to end from tigers to tribals to rivers to coastal areas, andhra is under brutal assault. we have the congress chief minister who opposed uranium mining during tdp rule, but is now gung ho on that brutal mining. when money pours, it rains like a storm and politicians and contracts are happy to sing the fake development song over and over again.


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