Monday, June 02, 2008

even as our SEZ minister, aka commerece minister, tom toms how 'benevolent and gracious' this idi aminisque government is while trying to snatch lands of farmers in name of development, a set of 13 farmers stood in an election in andhra pradesh.

hindu has the story here. this group of farmers contested election and was one of the main reason for the defeat of the sitting MLA who obviously did nothing to prevent the 'benevolent and gracious' land snatch.

the only demand of these group of 13 farmers was “we get our lands back, we get our lives back.”

indeed that is the demand of several million people who have been royally screwed by the biggest scam in the history of independent india.
(Jadcherla 13, the group of farmers who contested andhra pradesh assembly elections. the sad face of india)


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