Sunday, May 18, 2008

as the maverick politician dr.subramanian swamy and many others crank up the heat on the disastrous sethu project on religious and political lines, one sad part remains the same.

that this project is a disastrous one for the vital ecology in the area in which the sea wildlife, the fishermen community and the very foundation of the ocean itself depends.

sudarshan of atree has a powerful article on this and more vitally no one has understood how the sedimentation in the bay is formed, reformed and continues this process every single minute on which depends the entire ecology.

basically the sethu project fanatics are embarking on a project in which they have no clue and what is going to happen is this endless dredging of the bay at a huge cost is not going to end ever at all wherein the only job of the sethu project is to dredge, dredge and dredge and basically to keep on doing this which not only makes sense for this project but also disastrous for the entire bay.

well, when money is the only motivation for the sethu project fanatics it does not matter whether the project is economically and ecologically feasible.

fake development like this that is happening in india is aptly put in the title of the article - a mockery of science, conservation and environmental laws


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