Monday, May 05, 2008

if we can ask a question to our ministers it might this. how often have you traveled to ground level to inspect how the situation.

if you ask this question sharad pawarji, the cricket minister aka agriculture minister, he might answer probably 5 times.

if you ask this question to public distribution supply minister, the answer will be 0.

if you ask this question to our finance minister, on his travels to see the financial plight of marginalized people and the reasons for it, the answer will be 0.

but....if you ask this question to environment and forest ministry, the answer will be huge. of course those are not the trips to western ghats forests to see the sorry plight of the majestic mountain ranges or to bhimshankar tiger reserve or melghat tiger reserve on the huge pressure's they are facing, or to sanjay gandhi national park that has been fast turning into garbage park in mumabi, etc.

these are trips to foriegn countries of course, to 'study' how to improve the condition of environment and forests in india. and some of the countries to quote are below.
It stated that former Minister of Environment and Forests A Raja had gone abroad 17 times, his visits including countries like Switzerland, Argentina, the UK, Japan, Maldives, Canada, Australia, the UAE, Bangladesh, Japan, Kenya and Germany.

interestingly western countries seems to be the favorite haunt of our foreign moef minister. why not? when those countries offer good quality air to breathe and a perfect ecology to relax, why not?

what about india's environment and ecology. damn to hell of course. we need development. not clean air or clean water or good ecology you fool....


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