Saturday, April 19, 2008

looks like tata's titanium project that was being bulldozed in tuticorin may have hit a snag. a snag that is real welcome. i had blogged on this in end of last year. you might want to catch up on the corpwatch article also on this project.

when it comes to mega projects, all things are thrown to the wind. what is in front of the eyes of businessmen, politician, officials are nothing but rupee signs. it does not matter what the project will do and will not do, what sustainable things can be done without bringing in the destructive proejct and how will local people be impacted.

all that matters is money and this titanium project in tuticorin was an example of it.

a bad example at that and this is a welcome snag. tata is perfectly welcome to take it to any part of the world. may we recommend the coast of california or florida or european coastlines?

well those places are unviable. unviable because proper environment impact assessment (eia) would have to be done, local people have to be heard, politicians and officials cannot be bribed and of course indiscriminate mining is a big no-no.

in india all the above is called 'development' and tata's titanium project is definitely an unwanted development.


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